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Aqua Tractata Services LTD, a British Virgin Islands registered company offers stable medium and long-term income through investments in Design Build Own & Operate (DBOO), Build Own Transfer (BOT) and Build Lease Transfer (BOLT) decentralized…


€100,000Minimum Investment


IN 3 Months 11 Days
December 31, 2021

Interest Rate

8% Per Annum


Aqua Tractata Services LTD, a British Virgin Islands registered company offers stable medium and long-term income through investments in Design Build Own & Operate (DBOO), Build Own Transfer (BOT) and Build Lease Transfer (BOLT) decentralized wastewater treatment plants. DBOO projects are evergreen with water purchase agreements; BOT projects have a minimum 15-year concession with Water-as-a-Service (WaaS) agreements and BOLT plants have a maximum 7-year lease term.

Aqua Tractata Services LTD is a 100% subsidiary of LifeQuest World Corp. (USA OTC: LQWC- LifeQuest is responsible for selecting opportunities to invest in and carry out engineering, procurement, construction, installation and operation of all plants through in-country partners. LifeQuest World Corp and subsidiaries/partners have successfully installed over 30 wastewater treatment plants in water stressed countries and are currently active in eight countries.

Market Opportunity

The global water and wastewater market in 2018 hit $695 billion. Municipal markets were growing at a 6.4 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) compared to the industrial segment, which was growing slightly faster at a 7.5 percent CAGR. Some wastewater technology segments are growing even faster, driven by increasing demand for membrane-based solutions and smart, internet-enabled and digital solutions. Advancements in chemistry, membranes, sensors and industrial internet of things (IIoT) are spurring the adoption of higher-performance water and wastewater solutions and are enabling new business models.

Currently, wastewater treatment is based on large centralized facilities with piping infrastructure designed to capture economies of scale. Given the challenges of centralized systems, large cities are moving towards decentralizing distributed solutions because incremental system improvements can be more economical and yield greater compliance and resilience.

The continued rise in wastewater spending highlights an industry on the verge of transforming towards distributed solutions that are cheaper and more technologically advanced.

Some countries like Israel are leading the way by recycling and reusing over 90 percent of its municipal wastewater, mostly for irrigation via centralized municipal treatment systems. By comparison, California leads the U.S. by recycling just 5 percent of its municipal wastewater, usually with centralized treatment plants, indicating considerable room for expansion into a large market opportunity. Data indicates that the distributed wastewater market is growing quickly into a significant opportunity with a market size forecast to grow from $13.3 billion in 2016 to $21.8 billion in 2021.

Business Model

Since the food and beverage industry (F&B) attracts the largest share of capital expenditures for wastewater treatment of any industry, according to Global Water Intelligence, we will be financing the building of Design Build Own & Operate (DBOO), Build Own Transfer (BOT) and Build Lease Transfer (BOLT) decentralized wastewater treatment plants. DBOO projects are evergreen with water purchase agreements; BOT projects have a minimum 15-year concession with Water-as-a-Service (WaaS) agreements and BOLT plants.

F&B provides opportunity for project financing of distributed wastewater treatment and reuse plants in the U.S Europe, Africa and Asia. F&B businesses generate high volumes and loads of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and are seeing significant numbers of new facilities come online.

Onsite water treatment provides significant economic advantages because of the growth of new F&B facilities, the increase in surcharges and fines per pound of BOD placed on these facilities.

Among industrial sectors buying smart, packaged wastewater systems, F&B is expected to see the fastest growth. Additionally, F&B spent $26 billion on structures and equipment in 2017, second only to Chemicals, and added 7,000 new facilities between 2014 and 2018 when compared to Chemicals, which added 1,879 facilities.

Current Opportunities

Below are the first three wastewater treatment plants to be financed by Aqua Tractata Management Ltd.

1) Morgan Beef (South Africa)

Abattoir wastewater treatment plant

The Morgan Beef Group was established in the late 1990’s, the company has developed into a substantial business operation and is, without doubt, considered to be one of South Africa’s leading meat providers and exporters. The Morgan Beef Group is vertically integrated from feedlot to processing and comprises of three main business units, namely:

Morgan Abattoir – our meat wholesale, deboning and beef export-approved slaughterhouse
Morgan Agri – our agronomy and feedlot operation; and
Morgan Hides – our wet blue leather tanning facility.

Morgan Beef is the leading producer of certified Wagyu beef. It also has a strong commitment to the environment and is an expansion phase.

2) Summerpride Foods (South Africa)

Wastewater treatment plant

Summerpride (SPF) is a leading pineapple concentrate producer/supplier for the International Beverage Industry. It currently works with 23 growers to process their production. The SPF process is water positive i.e. more wastewater leaves the site than is purchased from the municipality, – this is due to the water evaporated from the pineapple juice and some process wastewater from their tenants – Dynamic Brands will readily buy any water recovered in excess of SPF’s requirement. The plant will use Abrimix (LifeQuest World Corp Partner) as primary treatment followed by ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.

3) LifeQuest Karadayi Turkey

Wastewater treatment plant

Established in 1970, Istanbul based Karadayı has been operating a fleet of 35 vacuum trucks with Licenses for removal of domestic and industrial wastewater and other services. Profoks (LifeQuest Workd Corp Partner) is the provider of proven state-of-the-art technology that can treat a mix of extremely contaminated industrial wastewater to discharge standards.

The plant will be a Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) with an initial capacity of 200 m3/day with flexibility to treat up to 220 m3/day in case of lower contaminated water. Karadayi will haul the water to the CETP and Profoks will install, commission and operate the plant. Karadayi and Profoks will invest in the plant as well. The treatment cost of the type of industrial wastewater that the plant will treat, ranges from $8/m3 to $40/m3 for hazardous wastewater.

Experienced Financial, Operational & Technical Management

Aqua Tractata Services Ltd

Pieter Jansen

inventor of Abrimix wastewater treatment technology and has worked in the wastewater treatment industry for 25 years plus. He is a trained metallurgist and has worked at companies like Gencor Ltd., a South African Mining company and global wastewater treatment company, Ecolab.

Aqua Tractata Services Ltd

Tammy Pawale

brings over 9 years of experience to the techno-commercial domain with experience in Project Management, Business Development and Consulting in the clean tech sector. He also has extensive experience in research, advisory, and consultancy in sectors such as renewable energy, energy management, rural development, climate change, and sustainability.

Mgmt Img

Max Khan

brings nearly 30 years of experience in corporate finance, private equity and venture capital. He is the founder of Alliance Global Finance which has raised in excess of $400 million in capital. He currently serves as the president and CEO of Lifequest World Corp and sits on the board of several companies.

About Lifequest World Corp.

Lifequest World Corp. (OTC Markets: LQWC) mission is to become a global technology leader in low-cost, low-maintenance, eco-friendly, decentralized wastewater treatment. Our core competency is well-established in sewage wastewater treatment, and we intend to rapidly add solutions for treatment of effluents in textile, tannery, fisheries, dairy and processed water industries. Areas around the world are becoming water stressed and wastewater treatment and reuse is becoming paramount. LifeQuest’s wholly owned subsidiary, BioPipe Global Corp., has successfully installed over 30 Wastewater treatment plants over the last 7 years in 8 Countries World Wide. LifeQuest has zero debt on its balance sheet as of Feb 28, 2021 and a robust sales Pipeline of US$21 Million. LifeQuest’s partner, Abrimix, has developed a unique patented, affordable, scalable, efficient and cost-effective water treatment technology capable of treating wastewater, processed water or raw water. Abrimix is able to deliver tailor made solutions for several industries and is based in South Africa. More information at and and

Investment Offering

We are seeking to raise up to 10 Million Euro over the next 12 months with the placement of Senior Asset Backed Certificates. The Certificates will pay 8% annual interest and fully matures in 6 years. LifeQuest World Corp. (OTC: LQWC) Will provide full Guarantee on the Certificates. The Aqua Tractata Services LTD. Senior Asset Backed Certificate will rank senior to all of LifeQuest World Corp. debt. Each €100,000 Certificate comes with 100,000 LifeQuest World Corp. Stock Purchase Warrants. The warrants expire 24 months after issuance and are exercisable at US$0.30 for one share of LQWC common stock.