STAY CLEAN! – Say No to Sludge

STAY CLEAN! – Say No to Sludge


How does Sewage Sludge secretly infect us? Learn more by watching this video.

Biopipe, providing Water for Tomorrow.

Clean Water and Sanitation are an essential part of human life. While we may be aware of certain ways to stay clean, we often are not aware of the dangers lurking in our sewage.

Sewage sludge is a common by-product of sewage treatment. It is produced by many forms of municipal wastewater technologies and also by building septic tanks. However, viruses and pathogens like COVID-19, norovirus, salmonella, parasites, etc. often are still present in our sewage sludge. In many developing and developed countries, this sewage sludge is not properly treated or disposed of, often contaminating our sources of fresh water and environment.

It’s up to us to champion new and innovative technologies in order to prevent a water catastrophe.

Biopipe’s decentralized sewage treatment plant technology treats wastewater using an optimized biofilm process and more importantly does not produce sludge. Biopipe is a NO Sludge, NO Odor, NO Noise, NO Chemicals, Low/Flexible Footprint & Low Maintenance Sewage Treatment and Water Recycling Plant. The amount of wastewater that goes into the Biopipe system is the same amount of clean water that comes out, ready for continuous water recycling. Additionally, treated water goes through a UV filter for added defense against viruses and pathogens, keeping you clean, safe and healthy.

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