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Lifequest Subsidiary Completes the First Commercial Sale in Ethiopia of a 100m3/Day Capacity Biopipe Sewage Wastewater Treatment Plant


LIFEQUEST WORLD CORP (OTCMARKETS: LQWC) is committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to the wastewater treatment industry, municipal corporations and institutions. Our focus is on innovative, decentralized, and scalable wastewater treatment and reuse technologies. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Biopipe Global, the Company is engaged in industrial (ETP) and sewage wastewater treatment (STP) markets. Read More


Urban wastewater scenario in India


Wastewater treatment improves the quality of used water sources and makes water reusable by reducing contaminants to safe levels. However, much of the wastewater that is currently re-used is untreated or inadequately treated while the demand for clean water is increasing. The primary challenge is promoting wastewater re-use and safety – both for humans and […]


Biopipe is a no sludge sewage treatment plant (STP)


Biopipe is a no sludge sewage treatment plant (STP) Read More


This beer is made from recycled shower water


CNN —  You wouldn’t know if you tasted it, but Epic OneWater Brew is a beer with a peculiar ingredient: it’s made with water recycled from the showers, sinks and washing machines of a residential building. The beer is safe to drink, thanks to a series of treatments that include microfiltration and ultraviolet light, and it […]

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